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Tom Ball (MS)


Angie Lindsey (FL)


Monty Dozier (TX)

Immediate Past Chair

Carrie McKillip (IL)

Chairs of Standing Committees

Agriculture Committee

Tommy Bass (MT)

Natural Resources Committee

Josh Gunn (MI)

Community and Economic Development

Cheyanne Geideman (IN)

Exercise Committee

Greg Martin (PA)

Family Consumer Sciences Committee

Faye Griffiths-Smith (CT)

4-H Youth Development Committee

Michelle Krehbiel (NE)

Marketing Committee

Elizabeth Kiss (KS)

Professional Development Committee

Kim Davis (FL)

Extension Representatives and Liaisons

1890 Extension Representative

Kimberly Davis (FL)

Sea Grant Extension Representative

Kathy Bunting-Howarth (NY)

ECOP Liaison


USDA-NIFA National Liaison

Brent Elrod (USDA)

Project Support

National EDEN Project Coordinator

Abby Lillpop (IN)

Communications Coordinator

Claire Crum (IN)

Project PI

Jason Henderson (IN)

Project Co-PI

Michael Wilcox (IN)